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Last updated: 6/11/12

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Printable Sheet on: Goat Care Information

Please take a moment to review our policies before inquiring on an available animal.

You are welcome to place a deposit or purchase a goat with PayPal using your credit card or personal bank account.  I am a verified member of Paypal.  Please remember to include the 4% service charge in your payment.  This is what PayPal charges me to receive money.  Thank you!

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.Email:    Phone: (503) 320-2215

Yearling Doe For Sale

Capriola WS Bethel available to a wonderful farm home.  She is a little noisier goat, so I wouldn't recommend she live in an urban setting (unless your neighbors are very understanding! ;)  She has beautiful, dairy conformation.  Long, level body, sharp and tight shoulder assembly, and wide ribs.  As a yearling, I'd like to see her with more width and depth of body but she has lots of time to grow.  Her dam was very strong in those areas.  Gorgeous mammary systems are backing this girl up!  Rosasharn is a top-quality Nigerian Dwarf dairy farm and she has those wonderful genetics on both sides of her pedigree.

See her dam, Rosasharn SS Naughty Lilly here

See her sire, CRF Castle Rock Woodstock here

Unfortunately, Bethel does have one scur.  It is removable but I would rather see a Veterinarian do that.  Because of this, her price has been dropped by $75.  Asking $500 for this beautiful doe.  Photos of her as a baby - new photos coming soon.  Sale pending - SS




Doe Kids For Sale 

 None available at this time

 Buck Kids For Sale

 We do not offer many intact bucklings for sale and only out of does who have freshened with superb mammary systems.  You can be assured that any bucklings we offer for sale are of the highest quality.

Capriola WS Caelen in Blue ~ Blue-eyed buck kid out of Capriola BSS Blue Amarantine and CRF Castle Rock Woodstock.  He is red with various white markings.  Super cute fellow!  His mother's udder is looking superb at only a few days fresh.  More information and photos coming shortly. 

Wether Kids For Sale

If you are looking for a sweet pet - wethers are wonderful!  If I did not milk and show our goats, I would only own wethers!  They are certainly love-able!  While I do not promote buying goats only for brush-control, wethers will certainly clear brush for you and give you joy at the same time (all goats do that though ;)

 None available at this time

We accept PayPal, checks, and money orders for deposits/reservations.  CASH is required for the remaining balance (if any) at pick-up.

Terms and Conditions:  We will hold a goat in the sale pending status for a period of four days, until deposit is received, after which the animal will be posted for sale again.  Breeding animals will be held for 20 days while transportation is arranged.  We may be able to hold the animal(s) longer than 20 days with a boarding fee of up to $2 per day.

Capriola's goats are only sold to great homes.  Our definition of a great home is one who will provide all of the following:

 * lots of love *
* a clean, dry, protected shelter *
* fresh water, free-choice quality hay, minerals, and baking soda *
* secure fencing to keep goats in and wandering predators out *
* grain for growing babies, lactating does (and others, as needed) *
* a safe environment free of hazardous materials, including poisonous plants *
* access to a veterinarian who will treat goats *
* regular health care and de-worming *
* routine hoof trimming *
* a caprine companion *
* lots of love *

If you cannot (or will not) provide the above listed things, then, I am sorry, but we will not sell our goats to you.

Once a sale has been completed we cannot accept returns.

Buck and Wether Kids

For health reasons, all buck kids that are destined for "wether-hood" are castrated around 7-8 weeks of age, never before this age.  Until this time, all "wethers" are actually intact bucklings. 

If a kid is listed as a buck/wether, they are of the quality to sell as bucks, however, if they are not reserved as bucks by 8 weeks of age, they will be castrated, and sold for the lower price, regardless of their quality.  Kids listed as "wethers" may be reserved now as pets.  Wethers make some of the best pet goats!  So, if you are only interested in a loving pet and not for milk or breeding, we highly recommend purchasing a pair of wethers.

If you are interested in showing your new wether(s) we are willing and able to get them registered with American Goat Society.  Please ask!

Animal Health

All of our goats are CAE/CL disease-free.  Our most recent complete herd testing was June 2010.  All results came back negative.  We have only purchased goats from CAE/CL disease-free herds.  None of our goats have ever had abscesses.  We plan on testing for CAE every year.

All of our goats, adults and kids, are healthy and well-cared for.  We do all basic veterinary care, relying on our veterinarian for only the most severe (and highly unusual occasions).  However, if you would like your new kid (or goat) vet-checked, we will gladly do so, at your expense.  Please contact us for the current veterinarian examination fee.


All of our goats are healthy and happy, we will NOT sell a sick or defective animal, for any reason.  Your goat will leave our farm in excellent health.  Because we cannot oversee the care, feeding, and management of your new goat, we are unable to guarantee the health after it leaves our farm, although we wish that we could!  We will do our very best to ensure your goats transition to their new home goes as smoothly as possible.  This includes supplying you with samples of their grain, probiotics, and Nutri-Drench.

Even though we only breed a few does each year and keep a very small herd, we do strive to breed Nigerians with beautiful, correct mammary systems.  No one can accurately predict the mammary system or milk production of a young doe kid, so we are unable to guarantee this.  Genetics & management play a huge factor in determining the outcome of a doe's udder and milk production.


A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your selected kid after birth.  $50 to reserve wether kids, $100 for does and bucks.  The kid(s) will then be reserved for you until weaning, while transportation is arranged.  We try to keep in touch with you until weaning age, but if we do not hear back from you within 5 days of the kid(s) being weaned, they will once again be offered for sale; deposit will not be refunded.

Returned checks will be charged a $20 fee from the bank.  

All kids (adults as well) are disbudded, tattooed, up-to-date on vaccinations, de-worming, hoof trimming, and all other health care.  They will come with individual health records, original registration papers or applications for registration, progeny, show, and barn milk records (if applicable). 

I am a verified member of PayPal - you may send your payment to - Please remember to include the 4% service charge (what PayPal charges me for receiving the money). 

Or if you prefer you may send a check to:

Olivia Rose Marquez 

P.O. Box 83128    Portland, Oregon 97283


At this time, we are not able to ship our goats (adults or kids).  This will hopefully be something we can provide in the near future.  You may pick-up at the farm, or it may be possible to meet somewhere.  There are also many options for ground transportation.  You may look here: or for more information on that.

I have met owners in Kelso and Castle Rock, WA.  Kelso is approximately 100 miles round-trip, Castle Rock approximately 120 miles.  I ask for $25-30 to cover gas and a little for my time.  If I am able to group trips together then the cost can be lowered.  Please feel free to contact us regarding transporting your new goats!

4-H and Multiple Purchase Discounts

We do willingly offer 4-H or multiple purchase discounts.  4-H discounts require proof of membership (current card, letter from 4-H leader, etc.)  If you cannot supply this at the time of purchase, then I require payment in full.  Unfortunately, we live in a dishonest world and just telling me your child is in 4-H is not enough.  I wish this wasn't the case!

Maximum discount of $25 per goat.

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