Quality, Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Oregon


Last updated: 6/3/2012

 All photos of mammary systems were taken with 11-13 hours of milk (or less).  We do not allow our does' udders to go without milking for longer than this time.  It is terribly uncomfortable for them.  We highly prize a doe whose udder fills within 12 hours.  That is a true milker!  What we strive for!

Rosasharn SS Naughty Lilly

Lilly is a sweet, correct doe that we are thrilled to own!  Lilly has lovely overall conformation and lots of dairy character (very typical of the Rosasharn line).  She is long, level, and refined with sharp/tight withers and shoulders, excellent rib spacing, lots of width and depth to her body, and lovely angulation to her rear legs.  When she first arrived, I would have liked to see a bit more width in her hocks and she toed out a bit in her rear legs -- after getting her copper, selenium, and just general health care UTD, I've noticed these areas improve, so that's great!  One thing I would like to change about Lilly would be to level her topline a bit in the area of the chine.  She does level out quite well on the move.

 Lilly freshened with a gorgeous udder!  I am thrilled!  Unfortunately she is a BRAT in the stanchion so I do have some work cut out in training her.  What chance I did have to milk her was so easy!  Large teats and orifices on top of beautiful texture makes her a dream to milk.  She will be shown in 2011.

**Lilly would never allow us to milk her so we decided to keep one of her lovely 2011 daughters.  Lilly is now up in Washington state living the life with Brenda.  :)  Thanks!

Call Name: Lilly or "Lillith"
Born: 4/23/2005
Registered: ADGA, AGS 
No. Kids Born: triplets; 1 buck, 2 does
Color: brown and black buckskin w/ minimal white
Horns: disbudded
Height: coming soon

Lilly is not clipped in the above photos - it's still a bit cold in the N.W.


 Third freshening photos taken at nearly 3 weeks fresh with 12 hours of milk - WOW!  Super happy with this udder!


Bred To: 





Dill's D Lucky Image *S


Kidded at previous home.  Refined, dairy kids


 Squaw*Mountain BlueSummerStorm

 1 1Gorgeous, super long, and refined kids.  Both blue-eyed.


 CRF Castle Rock WoodstockBeautiful doe kids, both broken buckskin


Rosasharn TL Summer Sol *S

++B ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L+*S 'E'

ARMCH Rosasharn's Eclipse 2*D (2005 National Champion at age 10!)

ARMCH Rosasharn Tom's Lot-A-Lilly 3*D 'E'

ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S (97' and 00' AGS National Best of Breed!)

ARMCH Goodwood Water Lilly 2*D (2000 AGS National Champion/BOB and 2003 National Best Udder!)

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Camanna TI Claribelle

This doe is very dairy with correct conformation.  I am quite happy with her general appearance!!  She is long and level with a very nice wide, level rump, and excellent set to the rear legs.  She has lots of length, width, and depth of body, open ribbing, and desirable "wedge-shaped" body.  Now that Claribelle has freshened and milked off some of her "baby fat" - her shoulders and withers are remarkably tighter and sharper, not "perfect" but pretty darn close.  :)

Claribelle's FF udder is very beautiful.  She has wonderful attachments all the way around, good medial, smooth fore, and nearly perfect teat placement (now that she's freshened twice, they are perfectly placed).  She has nice "thirds" to her udder, when viewed from the side.  I am quite thrilled with her production!  She fed all three of her triplet buck kids until they were 9 weeks old with no bottle supplementing.  And they grew very well.  Combined weight of those boys was probably more than Claribelle herself!  Pretty impressive for a FF small yearling!  :)  I would love for Claribelle's teats to be larger but orifice size more than makes up for this lack as milk simply pours out of her.  I also wish for her to be a tad higher in the rear.  She is a consistent milker and stayed in milk for nearly 10 months her first freshening, producing a steady amount throughout that time.

Update:  Claribelle was taken to her first show and took 1st place and 1st udder in a class of five 2-3 year old does.  She made it to the GCH line-up but the older does of 4-6 years won the grand and reserve.  I am super happy with how she did though and she is remarkably well-behaved in the ring!  I'm thinking we might show again next year but I'd like to take our goats to one with a little more competition.  :)

Call Name: Clara
Born: 12/27/2007
Registered: ADGA, AGS
No. Kids Born: Triplets  2 does/1 buck
Color: gold; minimal white on sides & head
Height: 19 1/4 inches (yearling - unofficial)                                    



Claribelle in June 2010; milked out

Second freshening photos taken at 12 weeks fresh at the Clackamas County Fair.  I had milked her out a little since she was a touch over-filled.


Below: Claribelle's first freshening udder (click on photos for larger images)


 Date Bred To
 Bucklings Doelings Comments
 3/26/09 Camanna LK Royal Blue
 3 0 Gold and white bucklings; one with blue eyes
 5/26/10 Camanna ZH Red Robin Haze
 3 1 Red buckling w/ lots of chocolate moon spots, red roan buckling with gray & chocolate moon spots (one covering back, another covering front leg) gold and white doeling (moon spot?).  One red buckling was stillborn.  :(
 5/6/11 CRF Castle Rock Woodstock *S
 2All varying shades of reddish gold with white.
 5/2012CRF Castle Rock Woodstock  
Rosasharn's Tiger I
++B ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L +*S 'E'
Rosasharn's FS Ikura 5*D AR1874
Camanna ZH Mercedes Gold
Old Mountain Farm Zagnut Haze
MCH Camanna MB Desiree
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Barn Milk Record:
 Freshenings Days in Milk
Production  Lactation Period
 1st Approximately 69 2.3 lbs.
5/09 - 1/10 
 2nd 80  2.5 lbs. (5 cups a day)
 5/10 - 2/11
 3rd Approximately 60 2.6 lbs. 5/11-12/11
Obviously, the above milk record is not official but I think it is valuable information that should be listed here.  Maybe in the future we'll have the opportunity for official milk testing, but for now this gives you an honest record of what our girls produce in the milk pail.
Show Record:
 Event Number in Class
 Placing Judge's Comments
 Clackamas County Fair 5 1st & 1st Udder  Tremendous capacity, depth and width of body, wide rear udder, and evidence of great milk-ability.  She also commented on her incredibly wide and level rump. 

Capriola BSS Blue Amarantine

A beautiful daughter of Magnolia's whom we decided to keep in remembrance of her sweet mother.  This girl is a spoiled bottle baby - super sweet!  We look forward to watching her grow up.  When she is old enough, she'll be bred and become one of our milking does.

Comfort will be taken to the Clackamas County Fair in August - let's hope this naughty bottle-baby behaves herself!  ;)  Update: Well, she didn't really behave herself but earned some positive comments from the judge.  She said Comfort probably had the best escutcheon (highest and widest) of all the baby does.  That makes me happy since that means there is plenty of room for a nice udder!

I love the general appearance of Comfort - she is super long and dairy like her mom with a long, lean neck, nice straight legs, and tight toes.  Her rear leg set is wide and her rump is excellent, being both  wide and level from hips to pins and thurl to thurl.  At this point, I would give her somewhat sharper withers and sometimes she looks to need more levelness in the chine (she does level out on the move).  She is also a bit on the chunky side and her fluffy winter coat makes her look really chubby!  We'll see how she turns out in the summer after clipping.  However she turns out, Comfort is a permanent member of our family.

**Hopefully bred for June 2012 kids to CRF Castle Rock Woodstock 

Call Name: Comfort
Born: 6/7/2010
Registered: ADGA, AGS
No. Kids Born: triplet does
Color: red gold with some white
Horns: disbudded
blue eyes

Photos taken when she was nearly four weeks old - I love her lips in the second photo!  She looks like she's puckering up!  ;)

Squaw*Mountain BlueSummerStorm

*B  NC PromisedLand RB Rampage *S

Camanna WO Snow in Spring

Rosasharn SS Magnolia


Rosasharn TL Summer Sol *S

ARMCH Rosasharn UMT Sassafras 5*D 'E'

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Show Record:

 Event Number in Class Placing
 Judge's Comments
 Clackamas County Fair 6  4th "The widest escutcheon of all in the class; nice length of body."  She was very naughty and would probably have placed better had she been better behaved.  We'll work on that and try again next year. :)

Capriola WS Bethel

A lovely doeling to keep!  Very much looking forward to showing this girl, and more importantly, seeing an udder on her.  She is blossoming and growing oh so fast!  As of November, 2011 she is big enough to be bred but we'll probably hold off until around March for breeding so that she can be our milking doe through the winter months.  She is all poofy and warm with her winter coat now but new photos coming soon! 

FOR SALE to a loving home!! 

Call Name: Ellie
Born: 5/1/2011
Registered: ADGA (pending)
No. Kids Born: twin does
Color: broken buckskin; white on tip of tail, and poll
Horns: disbudded


Photos taken when she was two weeks old